August 5, 2020

Azibatari The Child Of Divine Destiny (Chapter Two)

They answered her in mockery, said “at the right place indeed”, please if you don’t mind, you may leave now. Azibatari responded, but why must I leave, I came to see her? It is because you want my daughter dead, Judith’s mother replied. Then Azibatari said, me, why should I do such an evil thing against my friend and against God? I only came to console her and to pray with her after hearing of her illness, and not to kill her or hurt her in anyway.

Please ma, let me in so I may see her and pray with her, Azibatari insisted. However, no matter the much pleading, they refused her in. Then Azibatari became very sad for not being allowed to see her friend. What have I done wrong asked? Azibatari said to herself. Afterwards, she reluctantly left with sadness in her heart that she was not given the opportunity to see her friend and pray with her, for she knew in her heart that, her friend would be healed if she had prayed with her.

While she was still unhappy in her mind, a voice told her, “Do not to be worried anymore, for you have tried you best to see your friend healed”. Then Azibatari replied the voice, “but what exactly have I done wrong in this town, that everywhere I go they despise me and speak evil of us”?

Then the wonderful voice answered, saying, “be at peace with yourself and continue doing my good work with a good heart. be confident and do not fear”. Azibatari then answered, “Yes Lord, I will do as you instructed me, I thank you Lord for loving me, even though people don’t like me, therefore, I will do your will.

Azibatari then went home and told ‘ILI mother what a voice use to say to her not to he worried anymore. She knew it was the voice of. the Lord, because, she had already been taught how to recognize the voice of God from the Sunday school at Church. Then her mother added; the LORD always sends guardian Angels to His holy children who trust in Him to always watch and protect them from danger.

God keeps His people because He has a purpose for all of His people He created. She was then so excited and filled with great joy on hearing this. From then on, she learn to always be happy and confident, knowing that the Lord cares much about her and all His holy people. Even though people keep troubling and abusing her, she never minded anymore., She kept obeying the voice of God and always reading her books. She wanted to make her parents pound in school and to become great in future.

Some weeks later, they resumed school. They have started learning seriously at school and started demanding for school fees. They would drive away all those pupils who have not paid their fees. This was serious, so, everybody started home, asking for money to pay his or her fees except Azibatari. She was so worried that she does not have the money, neither do her parents have. The amount for their fees is ten thousand naira (N10, 000.00). It was also the last term of the year and their common entrance examination.

She was crying and weeping, because her nts are oor and the exam week was very near. Azibatari never wanted to miss any class because she wanted to be topmost in her class. She began to imagine, “where would my parents get that huge amount of money mentioned. However, she went home and reported to her parents about everything they were told at school.

Therefore, they started looking for money. They thought of what to do, and how to do in order to get the money before the exams. Two weeks passed, Azibatari did not show up at school, she cried and cried much, also remembering that her friends have gone to school and that she is still at home missing many of her lessons that she may fail. Then her mother encouraged her and told her not to cry anymore, that God is able to help them out in His own cy then knelt down and prayed to God for help.

Afterwards, the father went out to ask people for money to borrow, but they refused to lend him and money. He would try very hard and even do hard jobs for people, so he could meet up with the school demands for his daughter’s fees; yet, the people would still not pay him the money. They continued promising him, “come this week or that week, and collect your money. This was how the father and mother kept struggling for a way out, but all to no avail. They decided to seek for the Lord’s help in every direction, since they are a Christian family, God would help them through. They never gave off hope that one day God would come to their rescue as they read in the Holy Bible He did saved those who put their trust in Him.

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